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Documentation for XML consultants and Java™ developers

(Documentation for XML authors is found here.)

The Add-on documentation icon signals the documentation of an add-on. If you need the functions described in the document, then you may have to install the corresponding add-on. This is done using menu item "Options|Install Add-ons".

Customize/extend XMLmind XML Editor by writing XML configuration files

XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment
This document describes how to customize and deploy XXE. [PDFWebHelp containing HTML5] [PDFEPUB2.0] [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor - Commands
This documents contains the reference of all native XXE commands and explains how to write custom macro-commands. [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor - Support of XPath 1.0
XPath 1.0 is used everywhere in XXE: to configure the editor, to script commands and even in CSS stylesheets. This document contains the reference for all the XPath 1.0 extension functions supported by XXE.
This document also contains the reference for XED, a very small, very simple scripting language based on XPath 1.0. Because XED allows to modify in place the document being edited, it can be used to script advanced macro-commands. [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor - Support of Cascading Style Sheets (W3C CSS)
This document describes the subset of CSS2 supported by XXE, as well as advanced ``proprietary extensions'' needed to style complex XML documents. [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor - Customizing the User Interface
This document describes how to customize the user interface of XXE by writing a GUI specification (.xxe_gui XML files) and by deploying it. [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor - Support of RELAX NG Schemas
This document describes how RELAX NG schemas are supported by XMLmind XML Editor. [PDFPDF]
The xmltool command-line utility
This document is the reference manual of the xmltool command-line utility. The xmltool command-line utility can be used to validate and pretty-print (i.e. indent) XML documents and also to automatically generate a reference manual in HTML format for a schema.
This utility, like all the other command-line utilities, is found in XXE_install_dir/bin/. [PDFPDF]
Translating the messages of XMLmind XML Editor
Add-on documentation This document explains how to translate the messages (menu labels, button labels, error messages, etc) of XXE using XXE itself. [PDFPDF]

Customize/extend XMLmind XML Editor by programming against its Java™ API

XMLmind XML Editor - Developer's Guide
XXE can be customized/extended substantially without having to write a single line of code. However there are some cases where programming against the Java™ API of XXE becomes inevitable. This document covers all the extension points of XXE, from writing advanced configurations to extending the GUI of XXE. Moreover, it also explains how to embed an advanced XML editor based on XXE in your Java™ application. For experienced Java™ programmers only. [PDFPDF]
XMLmind XML Editor Java™ API
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