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Contribute an Add-on

XMLmind offers up to 5 “lifetime” XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition licenses to any person who contributes an add-on of any kind (translation, spell checker dictionary, configuration for a given document type, etc).

However there are a few conditions, dictated by common sense, if you wish to contribute an add-on:

  1. You'll have to package your add-on as a .zip archive (see below). The add-on descriptor, a .xxe_addon XML file contained in the archive, must have a a:author element in case your users wish to contact you.
  2. If your add-on is a translation or a dictionary, the language of this translation or this dictionary must be your mother tongue. More information.
  3. If your add-on contains commands written in the Java™ language, you must be an experienced Java developer.
  4. In all cases, you must be a reasonably experienced XXE user.
  5. You'll have to upload your add-on to our Web site using this form Open in a new window. The basic idea is simply to centralize all add-ons, whether user-contributed or developed by XMLmind, to make it easy for users to install them.

    For obvious reasons, the access to the upload form Open in a new window has been restricted. You need to contact us, e-mail address of xmleditorinfo, to obtain a username/password allowing to access the page containing the upload form Open in a new window.

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