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Customer Testimonials

Open quoteMy company uses XMLmind XML Editor Professional Edition to create technical manuals for software products and documentation for procedures used by individual client firms. After extensive review of competing XML editors, we choose XXE primarily based on its superior, productive interface. The excellent documentation includes a chapter that sold us on the editor, "Being productive with XXE". That chapter details a broad feature set delivered with keyboard shortcuts and a near-WYSIWYG interface.

XXE allows us to write documentation with the shortcuts and power usually found only in dedicated word processing applications. And it allows us to generate documentation instantly in the formats our clients want: PDF, HTML, MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007, OpenDocument and RTF.

Using XXE we can re-purpose our technical material for use on the Web, in online documentation and in printed or PDF manuals. We have the confidence that our valuable work product is preserved in a future-proof XML format, not proprietary formats and all the restrictions and conversion woes they entail.

After we were up and running with XXE, we were pleased to discover that the company and its discussion forum provide highly responsive support. The extensive documentation addresses just about everything, but the support we have needed every once in awhile was provided promptly and graciously.

Wells H. Anderson, J.D., Active Practice LLC,

Open quoteAll of the information, including the tagging that is in [screenshot showing some XML source] is also present in [screenshot showing XXE's styled view]. It is just that the XMLmind XML Editor hides the information that gets in the way. This is the value of the XMLmind XML Editor. As a structured editor, it only lets you insert elements that correspond to the “grammar” of the DTD. At the same time, you only see the pertinent information you need as an author. Rather than being WYSIWYG, it is WYSIWYN “What you see is what you need.”

H. Andrew Black, Ph.D, Computational Linguist, SIL International,

Open quoteI find XMLmind XML Editor really useful, both for its capability to integrate XSLT transformations to obtain different HTML outputs from the same source and for the power of the editor, after I managed to master it.

Maurizio Codogno, M.A.,

Open quoteMomote chose XMLmind as our XML editor of choice for documenting The Momote MX Mobile Development Platform. XMLmind XML Editor allowed us to create DocBook XML that could be processed into both HTML and PDF documents from a single document source code. This is incredibly powerful for us and allows us to edit the document source in an easy to use near WYSIWYG manner, allowing us to concentrate on the content of the document without worrying about the XML beneath.

Matt Dobson, Momote Limited,

Open quoteWe use XMLmind XML Editor mainly for creating lecturing materials and for exercises in our courses.

We appreciate the extensibility via plug-ins and the overall stability even when dealing with large XML documents.

The different customization layers (CSS, XSL, plug-ins) allow us to adjust XXE to our needs.

In particular I'd like to mention the really outstanding support regarding both response time and quality of answers being provided.

Dr. Martin Goik, Professor, Department of computer science, HdM, Stuttgart, Germany

Open quoteLexisNexis is very proud of its XML-centric way to publish all kind of contents to multiple platforms.

One of the cornerstones in our production workflow is XMLmind XML Editor, our XML editing software of choice, which allows our non-technical authors to create and edit in a friendly, customizable, and to some extent "Word-like", environment.

Offering the ability to adjust and extend the XMLmind XML Editor via an XML-based macro layer, not only saved us development time and costs, but it also gives us the feeling that we are well prepared for future requirements.

Roman Huditsch, IT Teamleader, LexisNexis Austria,

Open quoteWe use XMLmind XML Editor to edit articles, books and websites. Our developers work on Linux, the designers use Macs and the editors and customers mostly work on Windows. XXE gives us the freedom to work with XML in WYSWYG across all platforms. I have recommend XXE to anybody who asked me for a good XML editor in the past and I will continue to do so in the future.

Patrick Ben Koetter, M.A., state of mind,

Open quoteAs a university lecturer, I need the flexibility to quickly change teaching contents and distribute them in different document formats. XMLmind XML Editor provides that flexibility and additionally helps me to structure the teaching modules from a logical point of view.

It is an everyday tool which I use to prepare lecture presentations using the Slides add-on. Students can access these slide shows right after classes through the Internet.

I am teaching an interdisciplinary topic and thus find the facility to drag&drop links to Web pages just wonderful.

In summary, XMLmind XML Editor is a very useful and flexible tool for preparing presentations which helps to focus on logical structure and contents instead of design.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Langensiepen, Modelling Plant Systems, Institute of Crop Science, Humboldt-University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany,

Open quoteI teach a range of computer science courses, and am constantly revising and repackaging course material for publishing in several formats. I'm now using DocBook for my authoring, and XMLmind XML Editor is a great tool for creating modular documents that can be converted to whatever output format I need.

Christina Norwood, Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Open quoteI have been using XMLmind XML Editor for many years and have found it excellent. As a technical writer I've used this product to document large custom built databases and other applications where the client needs both online help and a printed manual (often requiring a different manual for different roles within the organisation). This documentation has largely been done for Australian Government departments.

With some help customising XMLmind, we have been able to satisfy the client's requirements for their own look and feel to the printed manual, while maintaining uniformity in presentation.

Penny Pearce, The Treasury, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Open quoteXMLmind XML Editor strikes a very nice balance between ease of use and XML capabilities. For authoring, I prefer it over the alternatives: it lets me focus on the writing more than all else.

David Priest,, technical writer and XML technologies geek

Open quoteI use XMLmind XML Editor to write DocBook books and articles which are converted to specifications, manuals and on-line help documents.

XXE is the best XML editor I have seen so far, because you get an idea on how the formatted document will look like at the time you type your text, and at the same time, you have access to all the low-level XML features you'll ever need.

I have developed a custom XSLT stylesheet that filters contents written in a given language out of a DocBook source. Thus I can edit in XMLmind XML Editor a single DocBook source mixing several languages and automatically generate multiple localized documents.

With the XInclude mechanism, I can include DocBook parts generated automatically from other XML sources: logs, application parameters, enumerated values, etc. This way my documentation is always up-to-date.

Dipl.-Phys. Harald Rieder, Danet GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany,

Open quoteWe have developed a niche Content Management System (CMS) system based on XMLmind XML Editor (XXE). From a developer's perspective, XXE has a stable and well-documented codebase that has been very easy to extend. This, combined with the excellent developer support provided by Pixware (now XMLmind Software), allowed us to heavily customize XXE to meet our requirements in a short amount of time.

Michael Santy, Dynetics, Inc.

Open quoteWe use XMLmind XML Editor to produce all the end user and technical documentation (user guides, administration guides, tutorials, training materials, etc) for our products and customer solutions in both online and print version. After we decided to move all the documentation to XML, we evaluated several products for XML document authoring and XXE editor stood out as the best choice for our needs, not only for its functional and easy to understand GUI, but also for its extensibility and its support of standards.

Pavel Škopík, Technical writer, AiP Safe, s.r.o.

Open quoteI am using XMLmind XML Editor in order to get a level of control over learning/teaching documents not available in more common tools like MSOffice and OpenOffice.

I generate from a unique source, a customization of DocBook called TeachdB, a number of documents: presentations used during lectures, courses for our students, exams, solutions of the exams.

Our next development will be to automatically generate IMS Content Packaging and IMS Question & Test Interoperability (e-learning) documents from TeachdB.

Alberto González Téllez, Assistant Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain,

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