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Dictionary Builder

XMLmind XML Editor supports two spell checker engines: Hunspell and XMLmind Spell Checker. XMLmind Spell Checker is installed by default.

XMLmind Spell Checker has few dictionaries compared to Hunspell: English, German, French, Spanish and also a number of dictionaries contributed by users. If you need to modify these dictionaries or if you want to create new dictionaries, you can do it using the Dictionary Builder.

The Dictionary Builder is a command-line tool which creates compiled dictionaries out of plain word lists.

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Downloading a distribution of XMLmind Spell Checker Dictionary Builder implies that you agree with the terms of the License. Please do not download a distribution if you don't agree with the terms of this license.

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xsc-dictbuilder-13.zip220,036July 01, 2014 11:03:18

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