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Support policy

This policy applies to the support requests sent to e-mail address of xmleditorsupport, e-mail address of xmleditorinfo and to the private email address found in the download instructions sent to our customers.

The support requests are classified as follows:

  1. Bug reports.
  2. Help me use the XML editor.
  3. Help me customize the output of the "Convert Document" submenu.
  4. Help me customize a configuration (e.g. DITA support).
  5. Help me create a configuration for my schema.
  6. Help me integrate/embed an XML editor in my application.

The level of support depends on the product: DITA Editor, DocBook Editor or XML Editor, and on the edition of this product: Personal or Professional. This level of support is indicated in the tables found in "Which editor to choose?" and in "Which license to choose?".

We support only the last major version of the software. For example, if latest release is v11.2, we'll respond to support requests about v11.0, v11.1, v11.2, but not to those about v10.9. If you are using an old version, please upgrade to latest version and check whether this fixes the issue.

Normal support does not include XMLmind Word To XML support or XMLmind XSL-FO Converter support despite the fact that these XMLmind products are available as XMLmind XML Editor add-ons at no additional cost. Only direct customers of XMLmind Word To XML or XMLmind XSL-FO Converter have access to this kind of support.

Please note that XMLmind Software is a small company and as such, does not have a dedicated support team. All your questions will be answered by the software engineers who develop our products. This means that you are guaranteed to get the most authoritative answers possible. Moreover, we'll do our best to respond to your support requests before the next business day. On the downside, if the workload of our software engineers becomes too heavy, we may have to temporarily limit support requests to one new topic per week and per customer.

You'll like this In all cases, feel free to post all your questions about our XML editors to the public, moderated, e-mail address of xmleditorsupport mailing list. Even if we cannot answer your questions, may be a fellow XMLmind user will.

How to write a usable bug report?

In order to fix a bug, we absolutely need to be able to reproduce it. Therefore, please make sure to include all the following information in your bug report:

  • A description of the problem.
  • The version of XMLmind XML Editor (XXE for short).
  • The name and version of the operating system used to run XXE.
  • The version of the Java™ runtime used to run XXE.
  • The list of add-ons developed or maintained by XMLmind that you have installed.

    The easiest way to obtain all the above information is to click Copy in the dialog box displayed by the "Help|About XMLmind XML Editor" menu item, and then paste the contents of the clipboard (Ctrl-V) into your bug report. More »

  • If relevant, attach to your bug report one or more screenshots showing the problem.
  • If relevant, attach to your bug report any XML file and/or image file needed to trigger the bug.

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