10. Help menu

Getting Started

Displays a short tutorial in the help browser.

Full Tutorial

Displays the Tutorial page, which is part of the XMLmind XML Editor web site, in the Web browser.


Displays the help browser.

Help About

In order to display the help section related to a specific GUI component of XXE, first execute this command (the cursor changes signaling that you are now in contextual help mode) and then click on that component.

Full Documentation Set

Displays the Documentation page, which is part of the XMLmind XML Editor web site, in the Web browser.

Show Element Reference

Opens in the Web browser the reference documentation of the explicitly or implicitly selected element. Note that this menu item is enabled only if a reference manual which is usable for this purpose (e.g. DocBook, DITA) is found on the Web.

Show Content Model

Opens a window containing an hypertext reference manual listing all elements and attributes specified in the DTD, W3C XML Schema or RELAX NG schema of the document being edited.

This manual, which is organized like "DocBook: The Definitive Guide" by Norman Walsh and al., is intended to help content authors understand the DTD or schema of the document being edited.

Check for Updates

Displays a dialog box informing you about the availability of a version of XXE which is newer than the one you are currently using.

This dialog box contains check box "Automatically check for updates". This option is turned on by default. It allows to automatically check for updates[11]. This automated check is performed behind the scene, every 24 hours, once per editing session, 2 minutes after XXE has been started.

About XMLmind XML Editor

Displays the customary About dialog box.

The Copy button found in the About dialog box copies to the clipboard extensive information about the runtime environment of XXE. Please do not forget to attach this information to the bug reports you send us.

[11] This feature is really unobtrusive and does not transmit any data to our servers.