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XMLmind XSL Server

XMLmind XSL Server is the server-side equivalent of XMLmind XSL Utility, the desktop application. Out of the box, it can convert DITA, DocBook, XHTML and plain HTML documents to PDF, RTF (can be opened in Word 2000+), WordprocessingML (can be opened in Word 2003+), Office Open XML (.docx, can be opened in Word 2007+) and OpenOffice (.odt, can be opened in OpenOffice/LibreOffice 2+) formats. Additionally, it can convert DITA documents to XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, XHTML 5, Web Help, Java™ Help, HTML Help, Eclipse Help, EPUB 2, EPUB 3.

XMLmind XSL Server targets the Web developer (JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, ASP, etc) and the system integrator. Though technically speaking it's a Java™ Servlet Open in a new window, no prior knowledge of the Java™ language is required to be able to deploy, configure or otherwise operate XMLmind XSL Server. More information below.

The XMLmind Web site can send conversion requests to a running instance of XMLmind XSL Server. Give it a try

  • by clicking on any of the Convert page icons icons found at the top of a Web page;
  • OR by downloading your pre-filled order form (/store/order.php Open in a new window) in any of the following formats
    XMLmind Order Form

Technical description

  • XMLmind XSL Server is a WebApp comprising a single Servlet. It requires a Servlet Container such as Apache Tomcat Open in a new window, Jetty Open in a new window or Caucho Resin Open in a new window and a Java 1.8+ runtime in order to run (note that some Servlet Containers may require a Java runtime more recent than version 1.6). More »
  • XMLmind XSL Server integrates:
  • XMLmind XSL Server can parse HTML as if it were XHTML, hence, it can be used to convert part or all of Web pages to PDF and PostScript®, RTF, WordprocessingML, Office Open XML, OpenOffice.
  • XMLmind XSL Server has primarily been designed to be used by Web clients (JavaScript, Ajax, etc) and by other server-side applications (PHP, ASP, etc) as a “behind-the-scene”, programmable XML conversion service. More »

    For example, executing the following command (requires cURL Open in a new window) allows to convert this sample DocBook document Open in a new window to PDF:

    curl -o sample.pdf \
  • However, XMLmind XSL Server also has a comprehensive user-interface. For example, if you point your Web browser to, you'll see this interactive Convert form. More »

    XMLmind XSL Server - Convert Form

  • XMLmind XSL Server is easy to configure because you can use XMLmind XSL Utility, a user-friendly, desktop application to do that. More »

    For example, you can use XMLmind XSL Utility to modify the specifications of existing conversions (example: change the paper.type parameter of the XSLT style sheet from A4 to USletter) or to add more conversion specifications (example: convert DocBook 4 to PostScript® using FOP).

    Note that there is no need to stop and then restart XMLmind XSL Server when you change its conversion specifications using XMLmind XSL Utility .

  • XMLmind XSL Server has really been designed for production use. It supports many concurrent conversions (by default: up to 20), conversion results can be cached, it can operate in synchronous, asynchronous or interactive modes, etc. More »

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