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Which license to choose?

Desktop LicenseServer LicenseSite LicenseDeveloper License
TargetThe end-userThe developer or the system integratorThe developer or the system integratorThe developer or the system integrator
DescriptionThis license allows installation and use of XFC on any number of host machines, as long as the number of concurrent users does not exceed the total number of users for which the applicable license fee has been paid. (You'll like this This makes it a ``floating license''.)

Moreover, the terms of this license make the deployment of XFC extremely flexible. For example, it makes XFC well-suited for highly distributed companies, often working with independent contractors.

This license allows installation and use of XFC on a limited number of host machines.

It is intended for integration of XFC into a web application.


  • The term server designates a well-identified, physical host machine (no matter its number of processors, processor cores or use of virtualization software), whether located at your offices or hosted by a “traditional web hoster” (i.e. not “in the Cloud”).
  • The term server encompasses any host on which XFC is installed, including development/test machines. Thus if your application runs on both a production server and a development/test machine you will need a license for two servers.
This license allows installation and use of XFC on any host machine located inside a demarcated geographical area.

It is intended for integration of XFC into a web application deployed on numerous servers.

You'll like this Additionally, the licensee may install and use XFC on host machines located outside the site boundaries, provided that these machines are dedicated to development and test activities, i.e. they are not used as production servers.

This license imposes no restrictions on the deployment of applications integrating XFC. You'll like this Once this license has been purchased,no royalties or runtime fees will be due to XMLmind.

The intent of this licence is:

  • Allow software vendors to integrate XFC in their own products.
  • Allow system integrators to build for their customers IT solutions including XFC.

    We still recommend system integrators to let their customers purchase Server Licences or Site Licences. However, this approach was found to be impractical in some cases, hence the Developer License for system integrators.

    Note that with the Developer License, system integrators have the choice: purchase the license for themselves (which allows to use XFC in other projects) or let their customers purchase it.

  • XMLmind XSL-FO Converter engine
  • XMLmind XSL Utility
  • You'll like this Free access to new releases, whether minor or major, during one year.
Allows to deploy XMLmind XSL ServerN/AYes, on the host machines for which the license fee has been paid.Yes, on any number of host machines located at a single site.Yes, without any restriction.
API accessNot AllowedYes
Source codeNoYes, but only if 3 units or more have been purchased.Yes
SupportUnlimited support by email, provided that your support requests complies with our support policy.
Support for the Java™ or .NET developerN/ASupport by email for Java™ and .NET developers for 3 months from date of purchase.
PriceSee price list

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