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XMLmind Web Help Compiler

XMLmind Web Help Compiler (whc for short) allows to convert a set of static XHTML pages to a standalone, interactive, Web Help application running in a Web browser. The Web Help application generated by whc has the same features as the Microsoft® HTML Help Open in a new window Executable (hh.exe, Microsoft® .chm standard reader).

Example of Web Help application generated by XMLmind Web Help Compiler: XMLmind DITA Converter Manual Open in a new window.

item Documentation.

item XMLmind Web Help Compiler is free, open source, software, which like jQuery Open in a new window, is licensed under the terms of either the MIT License or the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2.

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whc-2_3_0.zip1,874,585July 02, 2019 10:46:42

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