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Why choose XMLmind DITA Converter rather than the DITA Open Toolkit?

item Generates production-quality deliverables out of the box.

item The output of ditac is easy to customize:

  • The XSLT stylesheets support a large number of parameters.
  • The generated XHTML/HTML makes an extensive use of the class attribute. This makes it easy customizing the generated XHTML/HTML using CSS stylesheets.
  • The generated XSL-FO (then converted to PDF, RTF, etc, by the means of an XSL-FO processor such as Apache FOP) makes an extensive use of xsl:attribute-sets.
  • The complete separation between DITA preprocessing (written in Java™) and DITA transformation (written in XSLT 2.0) leads to pretty simple XSLT stylesheets. Therefore, redefining one or more XSLT templates when needed to is not an intimidating task. More information.
  • The stylesheets used to transform preprocessed DITA files are written in XSLT 2.0, which is at the same time easier to use and more powerful than XSLT 1.0.

item Supports a large number of output formats, including XHTML5, WebHelp, EPUB3 containing SVG, MathML, audio, video and actions (e.g. click some text to play a sound) and also including word-processor file formatsYou'll like this: ODT[*], RTF[*], WML[*], DOCX[*].

item Has many advanced featuresYou'll like this: the numbering of ordered lists can be extensively controlled using the outputclass attribute (e.g. <ol outputclass="lower-roman start(10) inheritnum">), fancy code blocks featuring syntax highlighting, table rows and cells may be given a background color (e.g. <rowoutputclass="bgcolor(#FFFFF0)">), excellent MathML support, etc.

item Tested against several XSL-FO processors: Apache FOP, Antenna House Formatter, RenderX XEP, XMLmind XSL-FO Converter.

item Easy to embed in any Java™ application.

item Extensible through plug-ins.

item XMLmind DITA Converter has been developed in order to be integrated in the following XMLmind commercial products:

As such, XMLmind DITA Converter is professionally developed software, well tested, well documented and well supported.

Some good reasons to keep using the DITA Open Toolkit

item The DITA Open Toolkit is the de facto reference implementation of DITA.

item Well-known to DITA gurus and XML consultants.

item A number of useful plug-ins are available.

item Has preview support for the latest version of the DITA specification (e.g. DITA 2.0).

[*] Converting a DITA document to this output format requires using XMLmind XSL-FO Converter.

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