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  • Large number of output formats: XHTML 1.0, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, XHTML 5, Web Help, HTML Help, Eclipse Help, EPUB 2 (standard e-book format), EPUB 3, PDF, PostScript®, RTF (can be opened in Word 2000+), WordprocessingML (can be opened in Word 2003+), Office Open XML (.docx, can be opened in Word 2007+), OpenOffice (.odt, can be opened in 2+).

    Sample files generated by XMLmind DITA Converter: the DITA 1.3 specification.

  • Fully supports DITA 1.3 Technical Content Open in a new window. More information in "About DITA support in XMLmind DITA Converter".
  • Full Lightweight DITA (AKA LwDITA) support, whether XDITA (very small subset of DITA XML, plus new audio and video elements), HDITA (topics and maps written in HTML5) or MDITA Extended Profile (topics and maps written in Markdown).
  • Has no problem processing a DITA document pointing to a RELAX NG schema, rather than to a DTD or W3C XML Schema:
    <?xml-model href="urn:oasis:names:tc:dita:rng:topic.rng"?>
    <topic id="MyTopic">
  • Has many advanced features: the numbering of ordered lists can be extensively controlled using the outputclass attribute (e.g. <ol outputclass="lower-roman start(10) inheritnum">), fancy code blocks featuring syntax highlighting, table rows and cells may be given a background color (e.g. <row outputclass="bgcolor(#FFFFF0)">), excellent MathML support, etc.
  • Can automatically generate: Table of Contents, Index, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Examples, List of Equations.
  • Powerful, yet easy to use, command-line tool. (The ditac command-line tool performs all the steps needed to create the deliverable.)
  • Can convert maps, bookmaps but also a list of one or more topic files (in such case, a map is generated on the fly).
  • Multi-platform. Runs on any Java™ 1.8+ platform.
  • Designed to be easily embedded in any Java™, desktop or server-side, application. That is, ditac is not only a command-line tool intended to be used by authors, but also a software component intended to be programmed by developers.
  • XMLmind DITA Converter is free, open source, software licensed under the very liberal terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.


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