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Free online DOCX conversion services

item Convert DOCX to Styled (X)HTML

item Convert DOCX to Styled Multi-page (X)HTML

item Convert DOCX to Web Help

item Convert DOCX to EPUB

item Convert DOCX to DITA maps and topics

item Convert DOCX to DocBook

item Convert DOCX to unstyled, valid, “semantic” XHTML 1.0, 1.1 or 5.0

About the conversion services

  • Please be patient. Generating the .zip (or .epub) file containing the result of the conversion may take several seconds to several minutes depending on the size of the DOCX input file and on the workload of our server.
  • What you'll get is just an “out-of-box result”. Moreover, our server, running on a Linux computer and not on a Windows computer, cannot convert EMF pictures to a standard image format.

    It's not difficult to improve the quality of the result by customizing the conversion process as explained in Customizing the output of w2x. The easiest way to do this is to download the product, install it and run w2x-app. Desktop application w2x-app has a setup assistant (AKA “wizard” style dialog box) making it quick and easy to create w2x option files. You'll like this This setup assistant has a screen which may be used to map MS-Word character and paragraph styles (e.g. p-CodeSample) to XML elements possibly having attributes (e.g. DITA preoutputclass="code-sample").

  • If the name of the DOCX input file contains non-ASCII characters (e.g. accented characters), please make sure to use Zip extractor software supporting .zip files having UTF-8 encoded filenames.

    Note that most Zip extractor software do not support .zip files having UTF-8 encoded filenames. Such extractors will succeed in unpacking the .zip file, but will generate files having incorrect names.

  • However, if you think you have found a bug, please send a report to e-mail address of w2xsupport, a public, moderated, mailing-list (or to e-mail address of w2xinfo if you prefer). A bug report must include a DOCX file showing the problem. More information.
  • This service is currently limited to 3 conversions per day and per IP address.

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