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XmlMind.FoConverter Namespace
Public API of XMLmind XSL-FO Converter for .NET
Public classCode exampleConverter
An XSL-FO converter.
Public classConverterInput
Represents the input of a converter.
Public classConverterOutput
Represents the output of a converter.
Public classGraphic
IGraphic implementation.
Public classGraphicFactories
The registry of all graphic factories used by XMLmind XSL-FO Converter.
Public classGraphicFactory
IGraphicFactory implementation.
Public classGraphicUtil
A collection of functions (static methods) useful to implement GraphicFactories.
Public interfaceIErrorHandler
An error handler.
Public interfaceIGraphic
Represents a graphic file.
Public interfaceIGraphicEnv
Services provided by XMLmind XSL-FO Converter to a GraphicFactory.
Public interfaceIGraphicFactory
Factory allowing to create IGraphic objects.
Public interfaceIUriResolver
A URI resolver.