Chapter 7. The XXE desktop application

Table of Contents
1. Dynamic discovery of add-ons
1.1. Additional or alternative addon/ directories

There are not much to say about the deployment of the desktop application. Suffice to remember that installing a add-on “by hand” (as opposed to using OptionsInstall Add-ons in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help) is done as follows:

  1. Copy the directory containing the add-on to any of the two addon/ directory scanned by the desktop application during its startup. This scanning process is detailed in Section 1, “Dynamic discovery of add-ons”.

    These two addon/ directories are XXE_install_dir/addon/ and XXE_user_preferences_dir/addon/. More information in What are the two addon/ directories of XMLmind XML Editor?.

  2. Clear the Quick Start Cache.

    This is normally done by using the Clear button found in OptionsPreferences, Advanced|Cached data in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help. However it's often quicker to simply delete the XXE_user_preferences_dir/cache/ directory.

  3. Restart XXE.