4. command

  name = NMTOKEN (optionally preceded by a command namespace)
  Content: class | menu | macro | process

  Content: Java class name

Register command specified by class, macro or process with XXE. The newly registered command can be referenced in binding command or menu, menu item, toolBar item and command macro using name name.


<command name="xhtml.preview">

In the above example, custom command com.xmlmind.xmleditext.xhtml.Preview written in Java™ is registered by XXE under the name xhtml.preview.

Child elements of command:


Register command implemented in the Java™ language by class class (implements interface com.xmlmind.xmledit.control.Command -- See Chapter 2, Commands in XMLmind XML Editor - Developer's Guide).


Define a popup menu of commands. This special type of command, typically invoked from contextual macro-commands, is intended to be used to specify contextual popup menus, redefining or extending the standard right-click popup menu. See Chapter 3, Menu commands in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands.


Define a macro-command which is, to make it simple, a sequence of native commands, menu commands, process commands or other macro-commands. See Chapter 4, Macro commands in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands.


Define a process command, which is an arbitrarily complex transformation of part or all of the document being edited. See Chapter 5, Process commands in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands.