4. Anatomy of a configuration file

File dtd_section_config/section.xxe contains:

<configuration name="Simple Section (DTD)" 

    <dtdPublicId>-//XMLmind//DTD Simple Section//EN</dtdPublicId>

  <template location="template.xml" name="Empty Section" />

  <include location="common.incl" />


The configuration.xsd schema is found in the add-on called "XMLmind XML Editor Configuration Pack". This means that you can quickly and safely your configuration file using XXE (using menu item FileNew and then selecting entry "XMLmind XML Editor Configuration|Empty Template") or you can create your configuration file using any text editor and from time to time validate your configuration as follows:

C:\> XXE_install_dir\bin\xmltool validate¬
    -s xxe_config_pack_install_dir/config/xsd/configuration.xsd¬
    my_config.xxe my_include1.incl my_include2.incl

More information about the xmltool command line utility in The xmltool command-line utility.