3. Before writing your first configuration

  1. Do not forget to temporarily disable the Quick Start and Schema caches by unchecking the corresponding checkboxes in OptionsPreferences, Advanced|Cached Data section. More information about these caches in Section 6.11.1, “Cached data options” in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help.


    If you forget to do this, XXE will fail to see your configuration and/or may not see the changes you make to the schema referenced by your configuration.

  2. Using menu item OptionsInstall Add-ons, download and install the add-on called "XMLmind XML Editor Configuration Pack". This add-on contains important support files (e.g. configuration.xsd) for use when writing a configuration.

  3. Start XXE with a console in order to see low-level error messages possibly reported by XXE when you'll test your configuration. On Windows, this means running XXE using java rather than using javaw. In order to do this, simply start XXE using XXE_install_dir/bin/xxe-c.bat rather than using xxe.exe.

  4. If you are interested in having a functionality in your configuration which is present in any of the stock XHTML, DocBook or DITA configuration, do not hesitate to take a look at the .xxe, .incl, .css, etc, files found in:

    • XXE_install_dir/addon/config/xhtml/,

    • XXE_install_dir/addon/config/docbook/,

    • XXE_install_dir/addon/config/docbook5/,

    • XXE_install_dir/addon/config/dita/,

    • XXE_install_dir/addon/config/common/css/.