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  • Builds on topic-oriented structuring like DITA or DocBook5.1. (Each source HTML page is expected to deal with a single topic.)
  • Automatic generation of global and local table of contents.
  • Automatic generation of a “back-of-the-book index”.
  • Automatic numbering of parts, chapters, appendices, sections, figures, tables, examples and equations.
  • Automatic creation of links between some user-specified book divisions.
  • Automatic generation of text in cross-references.
  • Footnote support.
  • Conditional processing (also called profiling).
  • Built-in support of XInclude (allows reuse of content at different locations in the book).
  • Supported output formats are: EPUB, WebHelp, PDF[1], RTF[2], WML, DOCX (MS-Word) and ODT (OpenOffice/LibreOffice).
  • Uses CSS to create nicely formatted books and this, even for output formats like PDF and DOCX which are not directly related to HTML and CSS.
  • The source HTML pages must contain valid XHTML (“plain HTML” cannot be parsed by ebookc) and preferably valid (X)HTML5, because ebookc anyway generates XHTML5 markup.
  • In addition to HTML, an ebook page may be written in Markdown, with many “Markdown dialects” and many Markdown syntax extensions being supported (this is configurable).
  • Multi-platform. Runs on any Java™ 1.8+ platform.
  • Designed to be easily embedded in any Java™, desktop or server-side, application. That is, ebookc is not only a command-line tool intended to be used by authors, but also a software component intended to be programmed by developers.
  • XMLmind Ebook Converter is free, open source, software licensed under the very liberal terms of the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

[1] Requires an XSL-FO processor like Apache FOP, RenderX XEP, Antenna House Formatter to be installed and registered with XMLmind Ebook Converter.
[2] Requires XMLmind XSL-FO Converter to be installed and registered with XMLmind Ebook Converter.

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