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XMLmind XML Editor, the desktop application (XXE), stores the user preferences in the following directory:
If this user preferences directory —let's call it XXE_PREFS_DIR— does not exist, XXE automatically creates it and populates it with various sub-directories and files.
xxeserver shares XXE_PREFS_DIR with XXE. However, there are important differences:
Sub-directory or file XXE xxeserver
preferences​.properties Java™ property file containing the user preferences. These user preferences are all documented in Preference keys Opens in new window. Most user preferences are ignored as they only apply to XXE, the desktop application.
However a number of user preferences are considered and may prove to be really useful, for example:
addon/ Some XXE addons may have been installed in this sub-directory. Add-ons which are not useful in the context of XMLmind XML Editor Web Edition (XXEW) are ignored: translation add-ons, spell-checker dictionaries, spell-checker plug-ins, XSL-FO processor plug-ins, any add-on in the Other category like "Bidi Support", "Edit source", "Easy Profiling", etc.
To make it simple, only configuration add-ons are considered.
cache/ Serialized (that is, fast-loading) DTDs and W3C XML Schemas may be found in this sub-directory. Ignored.
custom/ Customizations of some XXE configurations may be found in this sub-directory. Ignored.
spell/ “Learned words” added by the user to the spell-checker dictionaries may be found in this sub-directory. Ignored.