16. statusBar

  name = NMTOKEN
  helpId = NMTOKEN
  insert = non empty token
  replace = non empty token
  replaceEnd = non empty token
  Content: [ insert | action | tool | separator ]*

<insert />

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN
  stretch = non negative double : 0

<separator />

Specifies a status bar. A status bar contains references to action and tool elements declared elsewhere in the GUI specification.

The insert child element, the insert, replace, replaceEnd attributes may be used to customize to the previous definition of a status bar. More information in Customizing a composite part without redefining it from scratch.



Required. Unique name identifying the status bar in this GUI specification.


Online help ID of the status bar.

A tool contained in a status bar can be “stretched”, that is, it can be enlarged to fill all the available horizontal space. If several tools are to be stretched, the numeric value of the stretch attribute specifies the amount of space given of each of them. A tool with a large stretch attribute is given more space than a tool with a small stretch attribute.

Example, standard status bar:

  <statusBar name="statusBar" helpId="statusBar">
    <tool name="checkValidityTool" />
    <tool name="statusTool" stretch="1" />
    <action name="showLogAction" />
    <tool name="clipboardTool" />
    <tool name="clipboardContentTool" />