17. tool

  name = NMTOKEN
  helpId = NMTOKEN
  Content: class [ property ]*

  Content: Java class name

  name = NMTOKEN matching [_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*
  type = (boolean|byte|char|short|int|long|float|double|
  value = string

Specifies a tool, that is, a small gadget like the standard "View Clipboard Content" tool, intended to be placed in a status bar or in an horizontal tool bar. The gadget must be an instance of class java.awt.Component, implementing interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.desktop.AppTool.

The class implementing interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.desktop.AppTool is specified by the class child element.

Property child elements may be used to parametrize a newly created part. See bean properties.



Required. Unique name identifying the tool in this GUI specification.


Online help ID of the tool.

Example, standard node path tool:

  <tool name="nodePathTool" helpId="nodePathTool">
    <property name="dragEnabled" value="true" type="boolean" />