Part I. Guide

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. List of supported CSS properties
3. Extensions related to generated content
1. Replaced content
2. Generated content
4. Other extensions
1. Built-in CSS rules
2. CSS3 selectors
3. Styling an element which contains a specific processing instruction
4. Styling an element which contains a specific child element
5. Specifying namespaces
6. Inserting in generated content the name of the element which is the target of the CSS rule
7. Dynamic evaluation of property values
7.1. Simple dynamic evaluation of property values
7.2. Using custom code to extend the CSS style sheet
7.2.1. Invoking a static extension method
8. New values for the display property
9. Rendering repeating elements as a table
9.1. Anonymous rows
10. Making a table look like a spreadsheet
11. Collapsible blocks and tables
12. Styling comments and processing instructions
13. Styling element attributes
14. :property() extension pseudo class
15. url() is XML catalog aware
16. Weak @import
17. Translating messages in the content generated by a CSS style sheet
18. Modularizing a complex CSS style sheet using @property-group and @property-value
18.1. @property-group
18.2. @property-value
19. marker-offset: fill
20. If needed, selectors can use default attribute values
21. Simple, fast, purely declarative counters
22. Specifying the type of counter created by list-style-type
23. When showing tags, hide tags for some elements
24. Specifying the tooltip to be displayed for a given element.
25. Adding a decoded URI as generated content