23. parameterGroup

  name = non empty token
  Content: [ parameter | parameterGroup ]*

  name = Non empty token
  url = boolean
  Content: Parameter value

Define a named group of XSLT style sheet parameters for use inside element transform of a process command.

If the url attribute of a parameter element is specified and its value is true, the parameter value must be a relative or absolute URL (properly escaped like all URLs). In such case, the value of the parameter is the fully resolved URL.

Parameter groups make it easier to customize the XSLT style sheet used to convert a document to other formats such as HTML or PDF.

For example, instead of redefining the whole process command docb.toPS, suffice to redefine in %APPDATA%\XMLmind\XMLEditor10\addon\customize.xxe ($HOME/.xxe10/addon/customize.xxe on Linux) its placeholder parameterGroup named "docb.toPS.transformParameters".


<parameterGroup name="docb.toPS.transformParameters">
  <parameter name="variablelist.as.blocks">1</parameter>

<parameterGroup name="docb.toRTF.transformParameters">
  <parameterGroup name="docb.toPS.transformParameters"/>

<parameterGroup name="docb.toPS.FOPParameters">
  <parameter name="configuration" url="true">fop.xconf</parameter>