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This page points to a number of tutorials generally called "XXX for the Impatient", where XXX is the name of an XML technology or an XML vocabulary. A careful reading of any of the following tutorials should not take more than half an hour. After this, the reader should be able to use right away the XML technology or XML vocabulary explained in the tutorial.

item HTML5 as an alternative to DITA and DocBook
Creating and publishing large, modular, advanced technical documentation in (X)HTML5+CSS is certainly possible, but only if you choose the right tool for that. PDF WebHelp. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. XHTML5 XHTML5 source.

item DocBook Assemblies and Topics for the Impatient
Everything you need to learn to start creating DocBook 5.1+ new assembly and topic elements. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. DocBook DocBook 5.2 source.

item DITA for the Impatient
A comprehensive OASIS DITA tutorial. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. DITA source.
Alternate DITA bookmap and the corresponding PDF WebHelp, PDF PDF.

item MathML Presentation Markup for the Impatient
A short tutorial about MathML 2.0 Presentation Markup. Everything you need to learn to add equations to your DocBook, DITA or XHTML documents. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. DocBook DocBook 5 source.

item XQuery Update for the Impatient
A quick introduction to the XQuery Update Facility. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. DocBook DocBook 5 source.

item XQuery Full-Text for the impatient
A quick introduction to XQuery and XPath Full Text 1.0. PDF EPUB. PDF PDF. DocBook DocBook 4 source.

All the above tutorials are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons License, which means that everyone is welcome to distribute, modify, translate, etc, any of them.

All the above tutorials have been created using XMLmind XML Editor. The HTML, PDF and EPUB files have all been automatically generated using the Convert Document menu found in XMLmind XML Editor.

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