3.2. Processing instruction menu

Insert Processing Instruction Before

Inserts processing instruction node before

  • explicitly selected node

  • OR implicitly selected element.

A newly inserted processing instruction uses the last target interactively specified using menu item "Change Processing Instruction Target". If menu item "Change Processing Instruction Target" has not yet been used, then the target of a newly inserted processing instruction is "target".

Insert Processing Instruction

Inserts processing instruction node into

  • explicitly selected empty element

  • OR element containing caret, at caret position.

Insert Processing Instruction After

Inserts processing instruction node after

  • explicitly selected node

  • OR implicitly selected element.

Change Processing Instruction Target

Displays a dialog box that can be used to change the target of

  • explicitly selected processing instruction node

  • OR implicitly selected processing instruction node (that is the processing instruction node containing the caret).