2. Contents of the installation directory

[Note]File layout when you install the .dmg distribution on the Mac

All the files described below are found in folder XMLmind.app/Contents/Resources/xxe/.

If you want to see the contents of the XMLmind.app folder, an application bundle, please open a Finder window, right-click (or Ctrl+click) on the XMLmind.app icon and select "Show Package Contents" from the popup menu.


This addon/ directory contains a number of add-ons which are bundled with XXE.


Contains configuration files for a number of document types: DocBook, DITA, XHTML, etc.

The content of a configuration file, which specifies a customization of XXE for a specific XML application, is described in detail in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment.


Contains XXE code (.jar files) and many scripts used to start XXE and its associated utilities.

bin/xxe.exe, xxe.jstart

File xxe.exe is used to start XXE on Windows. This .exe file is a home-made launcher parameterized by xxe.jstart, an UTF-8 encoded, plain text file.

bin/xxe, xxe-c.bat

Scripts used to start XXE. Use xxe on Linux and on the Mac. Use xxe-c.bat on Windows, but only when you need to start XXE with a console. On Windows, a console is needed to be able to see low-level error messages, for example, when developing custom configurations or extensions.

bin/xxeconvert, xxeconvert.bat

Scripts used to run xxeconvert. This command-line utility can be used convert XML documents to other formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, etc) from within a script or a makefile in the exact same way as in the "Convert Document" submenus of XXE.

See The xxeconvert command-line utility for more information about this tool.

bin/xmltool, xmltool.bat

Scripts used to run xmltool. See The xmltool command-line utility for more information about this tool.

bin/authvalue, autvalue.bat

Scripts allowing to generate an authorization token for use by XXE. See command-line option -auth for more information about these authorization tokens.


All the Java™ class libraries needed to run XXE:

  • xxe.jar contain the code of XXE.

    Substantial parts of xsdregex.jar, James Clark's XSD to Java Regular Expression Translator, have been directly added to xxe.jar (which is why file xsdregex.jar is not included in the distribution). Download original package from http://www.thaiopensource.com/download/.

    Package com.jclark.xsl.expr contains the implementation of XPath 1.0 used by XT, James Clark's XSLT engine. A modified version of this package, renamed com.xmlmind.xml.xpath, has been directly added to xxe.jar (which is why file xt.jar is not included in the distribution). Download full XT from http://www.jclark.com/xml/xt-old.html or from http://www.blnz.com/xt/index.html.

  • xerces.jar contains XML parser Apache Xerces2 Java to version 2.12.2. (The version included in the Java™ runtime has bugs which have been fixed in bundled version.)

  • xmlresolver.jar contains XMLResolver, an enhanced XML resolver with XML Catalog support.

  • relaxng.jar is Jing version 20030619, James Clark's RELAX NG validator, slightly modified for use in XXE. The details of the modifications are found in relaxng.README.

  • saxon.jar is Michael H. Kay's XSLT 1 engine. See http://saxon.sourceforge.net/.

  • saxon11.jar is Michael H. Kay's XSLT 3.0 engine. See https://www.saxonica.com/.

Some of the above JAR files have not been developed by XMLmind. Copyright information is contained in the corresponding legal/XXX.LICENSE file. Read the corresponding legal/XXX.README file to have more details about these excellent Java class libraries.


Contains desktop icons for XXE.


Contains XML documents that can be opened in XXE to demo some of its features.


Contains XMLmind XML Editor documentation in HTML and PDF (Acrobat) formats.

legal/, legal.txt

Contains legal information about XXE and about third-party components used in XXE.