Part I. Commands

Table of Contents
2. Commands
1. The prepare and execute methods
1.1. A very simple, sample command
2. Making a command repeatable and recordable
3. Getting acquainted with XXE native DOM
1. A sample program making use of XXE native DOM
2. Compiling and running the sample program
4. Sample commands
1. Sample command ConvertCaseCmd
1.1. First step: prepare
1.2. Second step: doExecute
2. Sample command ShowMatchingCharCmd
2.1. How it works
2.2. First step: prepare
2.3. Second step: doExecute
3. Sample command WrapElementCmd
3.1. How it works
3.1.1. Using an ElementEditor
3.2. First step: prepare
3.3. Second step: doExecute
4. Sample command MakeParagraphsCmd
4.1. How it works
4.2. First step: prepare
4.3. Second step: doExecute
5. Compiling and testing the sample commands