2. Compiling and testing the sample attribute editor

Compile this attribute editor by executing ant (see build.xml) in samples/color_chooser/. The build creates colorchooser.jar. Then test the attribute editor by proceeding as following:

  1. Copy colorchooser.incl and colorchooser.jar to XXE_install_directory/addon/config/xhtml/.

  2. Include colorchooser.incl in the XXE configuration file for XHTML which is XXE_install_directory/addon/config/xhtml/xhtml_loose.xxe by adding the following include element in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment:

    <include location="colorchooser.incl" />
  3. Delete directory XXE_user_preferences_dir/cache/ (which is equivalent to clearing the Quick Start cache in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help).

  4. Restart XXE.

  5. Create a new XHTML1.0XHTML Page (Transitional) document using FileNew. Then use the "Add table" toolbar button to insert a new table. This newly inserted table element has a bgcolor attribute.

  6. Use the Attributes tool to edit the bgcolor attribute. Right-click on bgcolor or select it and then click the Edit button. Then select the Edit item from the popup menu. Doing this will display the color chooser dialog box.