16. include

  location = anyURI

Include all elements contained in specified configuration file in current configuration file.

The URI found in the location attribute may be resolved using XML catalogs.

Example 1:

<include location="toolBar.incl" />

If the file containing the above snippet is /home/john/.xxe10/addon/mydocbook.xxe, the included file is then /home/john/.xxe10/addon/toolBar.incl.

Example 2:

<include location="docbook-config:toolBar.incl"/>

If XXE has been installed in /opt/xxe/, the included file is by default /opt/xxe/addon/config/docbook/toolBar.incl, because the XML catalog found in the "DocBook" configuration contains this rule:

<rewriteURI uriStartString="docbook-config:" rewritePrefix="." />

The "---" prefix before an URL instructs XXE to silently skip the inclusion when the URL cannot be successfully resolved. Example:

<include location="---mathml-config:docbook5/mathml_support.incl" />