40. text

text(text, key, value, ..., key, value)

Inserts in generated content some styled text. Text specifies the text to be styled. Key, value, ..., key, value specify the style parameters.

Examples of use:

hello:after {
    display: block;
    content: "Hello " text("world", font-weight, bold) "!";

map:before {
    display: inline;
    content: paragraph(content(collapser(), 
                               " ", element-name(), 
                               " ", text(attr(title),
                                         font-family, serif,
                                         font-size, 1.5em,
                                         font-weight, bold)),
                       border-width, 1px,
                       border-style, solid,
                       border-top-color, transparent,
                       border-left-color, transparent,
                       border-right-color transparent);