Chapter 3. Using HTML4 tables or CALS tables in your own custom schema

Table of Contents
1. HTML4 tables
1.1. HTML4 table editor command
2. CALS tables
2.1. CALS table editor command

If you create a custom schema and need general purpose tables for it, you'll probably choose the well-known HTML4 or CALS[1] tables.


If this is not the case and if you have created your own table model, then you can still use the generic, parameterizable, table editor documented in Section 128, “A generic, parameterizable, table editor command” in XMLmind XML Editor - Commands. Note that, for this generic table editor to work with your table model, your table model needs to vaguely resemble the HTML table model (table contains rows, themselves possibly contained in row groups, etc).

Including the definition of table elements in your custom schema will not be described in this chapter. Instead this chapter will explain:


All the CSS style sheets and all the commands described below have been designed to properly work whatever is the namespace you have chosen for your schema and/or for the table elements.

[1] That is, DocBook tables up to version 4.2. DocBook version 4.3+ supports both HTML4 and CALS tables.