11. documentSetFactory

  autoCreate = boolean : false
  Content: [ class [ property ]* ]?

  Content: Java class name

  name = NMTOKEN matching [_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*
  type = (boolean|byte|char|short|int|long|float|double|
  value = string

Creates a document set factory and registers it with XMLmind XML Editor. Checking ToolsUse as Master Document in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help automatically creates and maintains a document set.

When attribute autoCreate is specified as true, there is no need to explicitly check ToolsUse as Master Document. Such documents are automatically made master documents. This is the case of DITA maps, DocBook 5.1+ assemblies, Ebooks, that is, all kinds of maps.

Child elements of documentSetFactory:


The fully qualified name of a Java™ class implementing interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.docset.DocumentSetFactory.


Property child elements may be used to parametrize the newly created factory See bean properties.

An empty documentSetFactory element may be used to unregister currently registers a document set factory.

DITA map example:

<documentSetFactory autoCreate="true">

DocBook 5 example:


Note that class com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.docset.modulardoc.ModularDocumentFactory is not specific to DocBook 5. It may be used for any kind of modular document which makes use of inclusion schemes supported by XMLmind XML Editor.