6. css

  name = non empty token
  location = anyURI
  alternate = boolean : false

Add CSS style sheet named name, contained in file location, to the Style menu.

Any style sheet with alternate="false" is used preferably to a style sheet with alternate="true" to render a newly opened document.

Note that if a document contains <?xml-stylesheet type="text/css"?> processing instructions, by default (there is an XXE option to specify this) the style sheets specified this way are used and the style sheets specified in the configuration file are ignored.

Specifying a css element without a location may be used to remove css element with the same name from the configuration.


<css name="XHTML" location="css/xhtml-form.css" />
<css name="XHTML (form elements not styled)" 
     location="css/xhtml.css" alternate="true" />

Special attribute value name="-" may be used to instruct XXE to initially display the opened document as a tree view. Example of the configuration allowing to edit W3C XML Schemas in XXE:

<css location="" name="-" />
<css location="wxs.css" name="W3C XML Schema"
     alternate="true" />

Notice that, when name="-", the value of the location attribute is ignored, therefore suffice to specify location="".