102. showColumnRowLabels

Parameter syntax:

[ 'on' | 'off' | 'toggle' | 'state' ]?

This command may be used to add/remove A1-style labels to tables. These A1-style labels make a table look a little like a spreadsheet.

This command has obviously no effects on a tree view, only on a styled view. See also Section 10, “Making a table look like a spreadsheet” in XMLmind XML Editor - Support of Cascading Style Sheets (W3C CSS).



Make sure that A1-style labels are visible.


Make sure that A1-style labels are hidden.


Change the visibility of A1-style labels.


Default option. Does nothing. Just useful to learn whether A1-style labels are currently visible.

This command returns true is A1-style labels are currently visible, false otherwise.

This command is mainly useful to XML consultants and Java™ developers customizing or extending XXE.