15. copyAsInclusion

Parameter syntax:

[ '[implicitElement]' ]? [ '[multipleInstances]' ]?

Copies explicitly selected nodes (or implicitly selected element if the [implicitElement] option is used) to system clipboard. Each node copied to the clipboard is marked as being a reference rather than plain XML data.

The [multipleInstances] option is a hint which indicates that the reference created by the command may be found several times, at different places, in the including document. Example: when you include a chapter in a book, there is no need to specify [multipleInstances], but when you include boilerplate text like a product name or a company name, then it is recommended to specify [multipleInstances]. This is why the Include tool in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help always uses option [multipleInstances] to create the references it pastes in a document.

Command copyAsInclusion will not work when one of the selected nodes is a reference or is an inclusion directive (e.g. an xi:include element).

Command copyAsInclusion cannot work unless the following conditions are met:


copyAsInclusion [implicitElement]
copyAsInclusion [multipleInstances]
copyAsInclusion [implicitElement][multipleInstances]

Commands copyAsInclusion (generally bound to keystroke Shift+Ctrl+C) and paste (generally bound to keystroke Ctrl+V) are used to compose modular documents, see the corresponding tutorial section in the User's Guide.