Chapter 5. Installation

System requirements

Make sure to have a Java™ 1.8+ runtime installed on your machine. To check this, please open a command window and type "java -version" followed by Enter. You should get something looking like this:

C:\> java -version
openjdk version "21.0.2" 2024-01-16
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 21.0.2+13-58)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 21.0.2+13-58, mixed mode)


Simply unzip in any directory.

After that, you can run command-line utility ebookc by simply executing ebookc_install_dir/bin/ebookc.bat (ebookc_install_dir/bin/ebookc on the Mac and on Linux).

C:\> mkdir XMLmind
C:\> cd XMLmind
C:\XMLmind> unzip
C:\XMLmind> dir ebookc-1_10_0
... <DIR> bin
... <DIR> doc
... <DIR> docsrc
C:\XMLmind> ebookc-1_10_0\bin\ebookc.bat
ebookc: ERROR: Usage: ebookc [option]* in_ebook_file out_file_or_directory

Contents of the installation directory

bin/, bin/ebookc, bin/ebookc.bat
Contains the ebookc command-line utility. Use shell script ebookc on Linux and on the Mac. Use ebookc.bat on Windows.
doc/, doc/index.html
Contains the documentation of XMLmind Ebook Compiler.
docsrc/, docsrc/manual.xml
Contains the documentation of XMLmind Ebook Compiler in ebookc format. File docsrc/manual.ebook contains an ebook specification. You may want to use this sample ebook specification to experiment with the ebookc command-line utility.
Contains legal information about XMLmind Ebook Compiler and about third-party components used in XMLmind Ebook Compiler.
All the Java™ class libraries needed to run XMLmind Ebook Compiler. For example, lib/ebookc.jar contain the code of XMLmind Ebook Compiler.
This directory is present only in the case of the distribution. It contains most recent Apache FOP (including hyphenation and MathML support). This XSL-FO processor is automatically declared and thus, ready to be used to generate PDF or PostScript.
Contains a W3C XML schema and a Schematron which may be used to check an ebook specification for validity. File schema/catalog.xml contains an XML catalog which points to these schemas.
src/, src/build.xml
Contains the Java™ source code of XMLmind Ebook Compiler. src/build.xml is an ant build file which allows to rebuild lib/ebookc.jar.
Contains the template directory of XMLmind Web Help Compiler.
Contains the XSLT 2.0 stylesheets used to convert ebook specifications to a variety of formats.