13. elementVisibility

  Content: [ category ]*

  name = Non-empty token
  elements = Non-empty list of QNames, 
             (a QName may optionnaly be followed 
              by a list of exceptions)
  visible = boolean : true

The elementVisibility configuration element specifies the checkbox entries of the menu displayed by clicking the down arrow button found at the right of the tool bar of the Edit tool in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help. This menu lets the user toggle the visibility of elements belonging to certain categories. Simply uncheck a menu entry to “hide” in the Edit tool all the elements belonging to the corresponding category.

A menu entry is created for each category child. The elements of element category are:


Specifies the name of the category hence, once localized, the label of the corresponding menu entry.


Specifies the names of the elements belonging to the category. These elements are to be hidden by the Edit tool when the corresponding menu entry is unchecked.


It's possible to append a list of exceptions after the name of an element to be hidden. This list of exception uses the following syntax:

'!' element_QName [ '|' element_QName ]*

XHTML5 example: html:script!html:head, which means element script is to be hidden, except when its ancestor element is html:head.


Specifies the initial visibility of the category, hence whether he corresponding menu entry is initially checked or unchecked.


  <category name="Scripting" visible="false"
                      html:slot" />


An elementVisibility element without any category child element may be used to remove from a configuration the previously defined elementVisibility.

Otherwise, an elementVisibility element is merged with the elementVisibility element previously defined in the configuration. This is done as follows:

  1. All category elements not found in current definition but found in the previous definition are copied from previous definition.

  2. All category elements having no elements child element are discarded from current definition. This trick allows to skip some category elements which otherwise would have been copied from the previous definition.