10.1. Parameters of the XSLT stylesheets used to convert an ebook specification to EPUB

Parameter Value Default Value Description
cover-image URI. If the URI is relative, it is relative to the current working directory of the user. None. Specifies an image file which is to be used as the cover page of the EPUB file. This image must be a PNG or JPEG image. Its size must not exceed 1000x1000 pixels.

In theory, EPUB 3 also accepts SVG 1.1 cover images.

epub-identifier String Dynamically generated UUID URN. A globally unique identifier for the generated EPUB document (typically the permanent URL of the EPUB document).
epub2-compatible 'no' | 'yes' 'yes' By default, the EPUB 3 files generated by ebookc are made compatible with EPUB 2 readers. Specify 'no' if you don't need this compatibility.
omit-toc-root 'no' | 'yes' 'yes' Specify 'yes' if you want the title of the book to be the root of the EPUB TOC.