Appendix B. Lightweight DITA support

XMLmind DITA Converter fully supports Lightweight DITA Opens in new window (AKA LwDITA) support, whether XDITA Opens in new window (very small subset of DITA XML, plus new <audio> and <video> elements), HDITA Opens in new window (topics and maps written in HTML5 Opens in new window) or MDITA Opens in new window Extended Profile (topics and maps written in Markdown Opens in new window).
XMLmind DITA Converter can of course process DITA documents comprising a mix of XDITA, HDITA, MDITA and (full) DITA topics and maps.
You'll find in the following sections some templates to start writing topics and maps in XDITA, HDITA and MDITA. You'll also find the list of HDITA and MDITA implementation specificities and limitations.

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