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Why an HTTPS connection is really needed

The XXEW distribution includes a simple yet useful sample XML editor application. In the previous chapter, you learned how to deploy it on a single computer, that is, xxeserver and the web browser hosting the sample XML editor both running on the same computer. The URL of the HTML page containing the sample XML editor was: http://localhost:18078/xxe/.
Let's suppose the IP address of localhost is Nothing prevents you from starting a web browser on a different computer and opening HTML page in it. You'll see the sample XML editor and it will work. However it will not work optimally as features like
  • editing local files,
  • integrating the system clipboard with the XML editor,
require a secure context Opens in new window in order to work.
To make it simple, in order to establish a secure context, the HTML page containing the XML editor must be served over "http://localhost" or "https://" URLs.

Figure 5-1. The Save and Clipboard buttons have orange indicators showing you which features are not available in a non-secure context.