A. About xxeconvert and user authentication

Most remote document repositories (e.g. WebDAV servers) will require the user of xxeconvert to authenticate herself/himself.

xxeconvert being a command-line tool designed to be used in makefiles, batch files, shell scripts, etc, authentication by the means of an interactive dialog with the user is not a solution. That's why xxeconvert automatically uses the credentials stored by XMLmind XML Editor in the preferences file of the user.


User john needs to run xxeconvert to convert http://www.acme.com/docs/foo.xml to HTML.

Server http://www.acme.com/docs/ requires user john to authenticate himself.

User john starts XMLmind XML Editor and opens http://www.acme.com/docs/foo.xml.

A dialog box is displayed prompting user john for his credentials.

User john types his user name and password and, by checking the "Remember these user name and password" checkbox, allows XMLmind XML Editor to store the credentials in XXE_user_preferences_dir/preferences.properties.

From then, user john may run xxeconvert to convert any document stored on http://www.acme.com/docs/.

See also the -auth command-line option for an alternative way to let the user of xxeconvert authenticate to a server.