11. invoke

invoke(class_name, any_argument, ..., any_argument)

Invokes a command written in Java™ other than the predefined ones. This command creates an instance of specified class name before invoking this instance. Class class_name must extend com.xmlmind.xml.xed.Command.



The class name may be followed by a number of arguments in order to invoke a specific constructor rather that the default one. The syntax for this is:

specific_constructor_invocation -> class_name '(' S [ arg_list ]? S ')'
arg_list -> arg [ S ','  S arg S ]*
arg -> 'true' | 'false' | integer_number | double_number | 
       'null' | double_quote_string | single_quote_string

Literal null denotes the null string. "\"" escaped double quotes are supported in double_quote_string. '\'' escaped single quotes are supported in single_quote_string.


invoke("com.xmlmind.xmleditext.paste_from_word.engine.BeforeSave(false, false)");