1. What is the "Easy Profiling" add-on?

If you are interested in working with conditional processing profiles, you need to make sure that the "Easy Profiling" add-on has been installed. This is done using menu item "OptionsInstall Add-ons".

The "Easy Profiling" add-on adds a submenu called "Conditional Processing", document templates called "Conditional Processing Profiles" to the DITA, DocBook and Ebook configurations and an "Add-on|Easy Profiling" preferences sheet to the Preferences dialog box.

A "Conditional Processing Profiles" document template may be used to create a ".profiles" file in XMLmind XML Editor. Such files contain a specification of one or more conditional processing profiles in a proprietary format.

The "Conditional Processing" submenu lets the user work with conditional processing profiles when the document being edited is a DITA map or topic (of any kind), a DocBook 4 or 5 document, an ebook specification or an ebook source XHTML5 page.

[Important]This add-on is incompatible with the use of some advanced DITA 1.3 features

If your DITA maps or topics use:

then it is strongly recommended not to install and use the "Easy Profiling" add-on. Anyway, this add-on is not meant to be used by DITA experts who master the two aforementioned advanced features.

A tutorial on the "Easy Profiling" add-on, including a screencast, is found in Conditional processing made easy.