XMLmind XML Editor - How to adapt "Paste from Word" to your needs

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May 17, 2019


This document explains how the "Paste from Word" feature works, how to customize the XML it generates, how to integrate it into configurations other than XHTML, DocBook and DITA.

Table of Contents

1. How "Paste from Word" works
1.1. Command pasteFromWord
1.1.1. Engine options
1.1.2. Other options
1.2. The "Paste from Word" engine
1.2.1. Edit steps
1.2.2. XPath extension functions for use by the edit steps
1.2.3. Transform stylesheets
1.2.4. Engine options
2. Customizing the XML generated by "Paste from Word"
2.1. Custom engine options
2.1.1. Using property configuration_name.pasteFromWord.parameter
2.2. Custom edit steps
2.2.1. Using property configuration_name.pasteFromWord.parameter.base
2.2.2. Inserting, replacing and removing edit steps in stock main.xed
2.2.3. A real world example
2.3. Custom transform stylesheets
2.3.1. A real world example
3. Integrating "Paste from Word" into configurations other than XHTML, DocBook and DITA
A. The toxml command-line utility

Please contribute to improving the "Paste from Word" feature

  • If you are not satisfied with the results of "Paste from Word", please be kind enough to send your .doc or .docx file to (unlike , this email address is not a public mailing list). Please understand that collecting as many difficult cases as possible is absolutely needed to improve this feature.

  • If you are using MS-Word with a locale other than English and French and find that "Paste from Word" does not work so well with table and figure captions and/or with standard styles such as "Quote", "Subtle Emphasis", "Strong", etc, this probably means that the addon_install_dir/xed/aliases.txt database does not contain entries for your locale yet. In such case, you may want to add style name aliases to this text file and send us your modified aliases.txt. Or more simply, you may want to send us the .doc or .docx file created using your copy of MS-Word, so we can enhance aliases.txt.