19. toolBarItems

  name = NMTOKEN
  count = strictly positive int
  Content: class [ property ]*

  Content: Java class name

  name = NMTOKEN matching [_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]*
  type = (boolean|byte|char|short|int|long|float|double|
  value = string

Specifies a dynamic set of tool bar items, that is, a Java™ Object implementing interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.desktop.AppToolBarItems.

The class implementing interface com.xmlmind.xmleditapp.desktop.AppToolBarItems is specified by the class child element.

Property child elements may be used to parametrize a newly created part. See bean properties.



Required. Unique name identifying the dynamic set of tool bar items in this GUI specification.


The fixed number of items which will be dynamically added to this part. This attribute must not be specified for truly dynamic set of tool bar items.


<toolBarItems name="configSpecificToolBarItems">