6. menuBar

  name = NMTOKEN
  helpId = NMTOKEN
  insert = non empty token
  replace = non empty token
  replaceEnd = non empty token
  Content: [ insert | menu ]* 

<insert />

  name = NMTOKEN

Specifies a menu bar. A menu bar contains references to menu elements declared elsewhere in the GUI specification.

The insert child element, the insert, replace, replaceEnd attributes may be used to customize to the previous definition of a menu bar. More information in Customizing a composite part without redefining it from scratch.



Required. Unique name identifying the menu bar in this GUI specification.


Online help ID of the menu bar.

Example, standard menu bar:

  <menuBar name="menuBar" helpId="menuBar">
    <menu name="fileMenu" />
    <menu name="selectMenu" />
    <menu name="editMenu" />
    <menu name="searchMenu" />
    <menu name="viewMenu" />
    <menu name="toolsMenu" />
    <menu name="configSpecificMenu" />
    <menu name="windowMenu" />
    <menu name="optionsMenu" />
    <menu name="helpMenu" />

Example, add extra menu charactersMenu after menu editMenu:

  <menuBar name="menuBar" inser="after editMenu">
    <menu name="charactersMenu" />