3. include

  location = anyURI

Include all elements contained in specified user interface specification file in current file.

The URI found in the location attribute may be resolved using XML catalogs.

Example 1:

<include location="common_parts.xxe_gui" />

If the file containing the above snippet is /home/john/.xxe10/addon/gui/customize.xxe_gui, the included file is then /home/john/.xxe10/addon/gui/common_parts.xxe_gui.

Example 2:

<include location="xxe-gui:DesktopApp.xxe_gui" />

If the code of the XML editor is found in /opt/xxe/bin/xxe.jar, the included file is jar:file:/opt/xxe/bin/xxe.jar!/gui/DesktopApp.xxe_gui because XXE dynamically adds the following rule to its XML catalog:

<rewriteURI uriStartString="xxe-gui:" 
            rewritePrefix="jar:file:/opt/xxe/bin/xxe.jar!/gui/" />