4.7. The hidden child element of layout

  insert = non empty token
  replace = non empty token
  replaceEnd = non empty token
  Content: [ command|property|openedDocumentHook|
             part|action|accelerator|insert ]*

<insert />

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN

  name = NMTOKEN

Specifies which parts are needed, even if they are not visible, to make a functioning XML editor, given the visible parts which are referenced in preferencesSheets, topToolBars, rightPanes, etc.

All the child elements of hidden are references to parts declared elsewhere in this GUI specification.


      <command name="XXE.new" />
      <command name="XXE.open" />
      <command name="XXE.save" />
      <command name="XXE.saveAs" />
      <command name="XXE.saveAll" />
      <command name="XXE.editInclusion" />
      <command name="XXE.close" />

      <!-- These are required to be able to use editPane -->
      <command name="replace" />
      <command name="insert" />
      <command name="convert" />
      <command name="wrap" />

      <part name="editOptionsPart" />
      <part name="viewOptionsPart" />
      <part name="spellOptionsPart" />
      <part name="helperApplicationsOptionsPart" />

      <part name="autoSavePart" />

      <!-- Required by setStyleSheetMenuItems -->
      <action name="setStyleSheetAction" />
      <!-- Required by installAddonsAction -->
      <action name="upgradeAddonsAction" />

The accelerator child element is a variant of the action child element. When the application has no menu bar, the accelerator (e.g. Ctrl+O) of an action referenced using the action child element is disabled, while the accelerator of an action referenced using the accelerator child element is enabled.