2. Deployment of a customization

The GUI customization created during this tutorial tutorial6.xxe_gui is used here as an example:

  1. Rename tutorial6.xxe_gui to customize.xxe_gui.

    Using this name is mandatory if you want XXE to dynamically discover your GUI customization during its start-up.

  2. Copy directory XXE_install_dir/doc/gui/tutorial/ and all its content (which now includes customize.xxe_gui) to directory XXE_user_preferences_dir/addon/.

    XXE user preferences directory is:

    • $HOME/.xxe10/ on Linux.

    • $HOME/Library/Application Support/XMLmind/XMLEditor10/ on the Mac.

    • %APPDATA%\XMLmind\XMLEditor10\ on Windows. Example: C:\Users\john\AppData\Roaming\XMLmind\XMLEditor10\.

      If you cannot see the "AppData" directory using Microsoft Windows File Manager, turn on Tools>Folder Options>View>File and Folders>Show hidden files and folders.

  3. Start XXE.

  4. Clear or temporarily disable the Quick Start cache by unchecking the corresponding checkbox in OptionsPreferences, Advanced|Cached Data section. More information about this cache in Section 6.11.1, “Cached data options” in XMLmind XML Editor - Online Help.

  5. Restart XXE.

    Here what happens when XXE is started (with an empty or no Quick Start cache):

    1. The editor collects all files called customize.xxe_gui found in either of its two addon/ directories.

    2. It merges their contents with its base GUI specification. The base GUI specification is by default xxe-gui:DesktopApp.xxe_gui, which is a resource contained in xxe.jar

    3. It creates its GUI according to this combined specification.