Chapter 10. Image toolkit plug-in

What is an image toolkit plug-in?

An image toolkit plug-in adds the support of one or more graphics file formats (e.g. TIFF, SVG, etc) to XXE.

Where to declare an image toolkit plug-in?

Like all plug-ins, an image toolkit plug-in is not declared anywhere. It is dynamically discovered and loaded during the startup of XXE (more info in Section 1, “Dynamic discovery of add-ons” in XMLmind XML Editor - Configuration and Deployment) provided that it complies with the following conventions:

How to implement an image toolkit plug-in?

Implement com.xmlmind.xmledit.imagetoolkit.ImageToolkit.

If you plan to implement an image toolkit plug-in and need an example showing how this can be done, please send an email to and we'll provide you with the full source code of the "Apache Batik image toolkit plug-in ".